Too many women today are wasting their precious lives.

Where do we start?


It’s an inside job. You can’t change the world around you if you don’t change the world within you.

We start with your body. This isn’t about loving it the way it is and ignoring its needs. It’s about learning what that your body needs, listening to its calls and ANSWERING THEM.

We start with consumption. What you eat, what you hear, what you watch, what you say, who you allow in your temple of worthiness.

We start with your mind. Learning to take control of your thoughts and emotions. Left to its own devices, our minds are often the scene of a constant street fight where we are our own worst enemy. But look within and harness it – and your mind becomes your most powerful weapon and your greatest gift.

We start with love. At the core of every crisis that we are experiencing in our health, our society, our economy and our planet is one cause: we have forgotten how to love – ourselves and one another. If we want to save our world and save ourselves, the only answer is to begin to choose from a place of deep knowing that all living beings are love and honour the truth that in our essence – we lack nothing and we belong.

In other words, you, honey are worthy. Period. And so are we all.

I say its time for this world to end. I declare it’s time to rise up and take back our inner power. It is time to stop the wasting away of our intellect, our beauty, our power and our freedom to do, choose, say, BE whoever the fuck we want to be.

Who is with me?