Decisions, Decisions….

Decisions, Decisions….

I’m totally into Tony Robbins these days. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea but he really does have a way of cutting through your BS to get to the point of the issue you are having – which is always (of course) YOU and your actions. Then he tries to get to the WHY underneath why you are doing what you are doing.

I am no Tony Robbins but as an ND I like to consider myself a “why” doctor. Why are you having the symptoms you are having? Why is your body doing what its doing? Why are you eating the food you are eating? Where is it coming from? Why do you feel the way you do?

And its not just Tony. Pretty much anyone in any position of authority on life and change will tell you this one truth. In Tony’s Words:

“Your decisions shape your destiny”

I’m not talking about the really big decisions here – like who to marry or where to live or what to take in school (yes those are very shaping, don’t get me wrong!!) But what really shapes the quality of your life is the small decisions. The little things that you do every day are what shape your entire life.

Decisions like this:

What kind of food are you going to fuel your self with today?
What are the things you are going to focus on today?
What language will you use when you are talking about yourself an others?
Will you move your body today?
Will you complain more or be thankful more?

Its said that in any moment, we make our decisions based on a process that goes something like that.

What are you focusing on?
What meaning will you assign to that thing you are focusing on?
How does that meaning make you feel (empowered or disempowered?)
What action are you going to take based on what you have focused on, the meaning you gave it and the feeling it evoked in you?

You know the shitty part?

Most of this entire process occurs in milliseconds unconsciously in your brain!!

Anyone who has been to my talk on the brain knows that most of our behaviours are unconscious and a replay of learned patterns that were mainly set down in our formative years (think from before birth to like 10 years of age).

What does that mean? It means that most of your feelings and therefore actions are coming from the mind of your 7 year old self. Yeah, that is some scary shit right there!

Most of us were never taught that this process is actually full under our control. Tony calls this our “personal power”. You can change any one of those points leading up to the action/decision – you just have to be aware that the process is even happening.

Could you change what you are focusing on?

Could you ask yourself “what else could this mean?”

If you changed the meaning, could you then change how you felt about it?

And there in lies the secret of everything.

You. Are. In Charge. Of. How. You. Choose. To. Feel.

You are in charge of what you focus on.

You get to choose what it means to you.

So my loves, sit with this today. What is one thing you could decide to do today and every day that would change your path? Drink that glass of water you keep meaning to first thing in the morning? Get out your yoga mat for 10 minutes every day no matter what? Eat breakfast? If you made that decision and stuck to it – your brain would change, your confidence would grow. And from there, anything is possible.

And with that – here is a 1 minute video from the man himself: Mr. Tony Robbins on How Decisions Shape Destiny


Big decisions to make? Stay tuned for an amazing rubric that will help you make informed and confident decisions no matter how big or small? Click here to stay in touch for the next instalment!

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