If you have been following me at all, you know that it’s been a hell of a ride. And chances are you see some of yourself in those struggles. I wanted to share this with you today in hopes it connects you to something within yourself that you needed to hear.

Most of us spend our lives looking to fix ourselves. We are raised to believe our worthiness depends on behaving properly – whatever that looks like. And our economy makes a disgusting amount of money off of playing into the idea that we are fundamentally flawed and something outside of us – something that we can buy – is going to make it better. 

And then we will have what we want, feel how we want, have the body we want, drop the stress, make the money, find true love.

The answer isn’t out there in another meal plan, another exercise program or another documentary. There is a way to find peace there. And it’s not in accepting your love handles or your thyroid or your slow metabolism and telling everyone you love yourself anyway (even though deep down you know its bullshit). It isn’t in a whole 30 or a paleo crockpot meal plan.

It’s not out there at all.

We are given bodies we are never taught to care for. We are given minds we are never taught to use to our advantage. We are told we are caretakers and this is where our fulfillment lies. And we do our jobs, we do them damn well.

Until we can’t anymore. 

Until the illness hits us, or the marriage fails and we find ourselves searching through the feed for another program, another technique, another diet plan, another piece of equipment. Until we are yelling at the kids. 

We distract ourselves with busy and then blame the busy and anyone associated with it. We stay up late, trolling Facebook looking for validation – sharing articles on the “mental load” of womanhood, saying, “Yes, that is it. They are the problem. It’s just too much and it’s not my fault.


There is freedom for you.

Freedom from the shame.
Freedom within your body.
Freedom to live in whatever way you want.

But it comes at a price.

It requires a revolution and sacrifice. It requires the death of your old way of being and a willingness to look within.

To take responsibility for everything in your life.

It requires that you leave your need to be liked and loved by anyone else behind. It requires that you stand up and declare who you fucking are.

You are your own saviour. Nothing and no one else is going to give you the freedom you are looking for. You don’t need permission. It is your RIGHT. Not only that, the world is depending on you to show up, fully and truly you – and kick some ass.




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