It is time.

Really time.  

If you are tired of living the same drama over and over – tired of fighting the same fight with the same habits – then what you need is a mindset makeover.

If you are tired of feeling like you have to be perfect, never cheat and kill yourself to be thin. 

If you feel like you pay for every mistake you make – either on your hips, in your bank account or worse… 

There is nothing wrong with you.  It’s partly your genetics.  It’s partly parent’s beliefs.  It’s partly a societal issue. 

You aren’t to blame.  

But you are responsible to change it.

You were brought into this world with an open mind, amazing gifts and all the energy and passion you ever needed all housed in your amazing human body, mind, heart and soul .  You arrived the whole package.

But no one ever taught you the rules for being human.  And no one taught your teachers or your parents.  So slowly, over time, you forgot how fucking awesome you are.  And you went about life.  And sometimes it was ok.

But sometimes, the overwhelm and the anxiety take over.  There is a voice inside that just won’t go away and its screaming at you “THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN THIS”

Whatever happiness is to you, its your birth right.  Whatever your gifts are, it’s your duty to share them.

It is time to wake up to who you ALWAYS were.

  1. It is time.

Join me for a 6 week intensive where we will dive into exactly what are the rules for being human (aka how to have ultimate brain and body health), how to master your mind set and remove any blocks that you have been struggling with, the and finally start to set authentic goals and actually achieve whatever it is your heart truly desires.

This course includes:

Six 60 minute masterclasses

a) Rules for being human: learn the basic physiology behind how your brain and your body work.  What would happen if you fed your dog the same food as your cat? What would happen if you tried to train it the same way? Let’s just say you would have one unhappy dog (and cat too I’m assuming!!) So what makes us any different??? At our core, we are the human animal, we have an optimal diet and a baseline way of being.  You need to understand what you are dealing with if you want to transform your life and your health.

b) Why your metabolism sucks and what we are going to do about it.  Enough said! 

b) Mastering Mindset: When it comes to transformation, you have a choice – master your mindset or let it master you.  Once we have learned our basic needs, we then get to dive into the one thing that makes us different than every other living thing on the planet.  And that is our ability to harness metacognition – in other words we can think about what we think about.  And therefore we can change it.  And this is the key to transformation.





 c) Mastering the day so you can master your life: An entire masterclass with dozens of ideas, tips and tricks to master your day.  If we focus on improving our daily activities by just a fraction of a percent every day, within a year we become an entirely new version of ourselves.  This class will be a    conversation and specifically helpful for busy women (especially mom’s) who are struggling to achieve clarity and balance in their busy and often overloaded lives.  Having a vision for every day of your life is how you will change it.

You are truly responsible for your life.  Do you choose to live 100 years – or the same year 100 times?

Do you choose a safe life? Or are you here to be brave and live a full life – all the love, pain, joy and sorrow that it will bring?

d) Pivoting in the gap: Troubleshooting.  We will go over the neurochemistry of self-sabotage and learn how to recognize it when (and eventually before) it happens.  We will discuss the biggest pitfalls we have in our attempts to succeed, why they happen and how to overcome them.

e) Envisioning the future.  Maintaining your progress and continuing to grow – but all the while being happy, health, grateful and giving NOW!

Also included:

  • a workbook for each masterclass.
  • Recipes and access to wholesale pricing on premium supplements and exercise platforms.
  • A private facebook group for questions and discussion.


  1. Some sort of financial donation.  Two things to consider: Yes I am offering my time, energy and experience to you and that is worthy of exchange.  BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: The fee is part of the coaching.  This donation needs to feel good to you, but also be enough that you are going to take this seriously and really engage with me and do the work.  
  2. A video or written testimonial at the end of the course that I can use anonymously when I promote the course (well that will be hard with video but I could put a mask on your and make your voice sound like The Rock if you want!) 

Why am I beta testing?

I’ve been practicing for 8 years, but online is new to me and I want to work with a group of motivated women.  The program will have kinks (I’m learning as you learn) and I’m also trying to decide how long I need for people to successful! 

To apply, please click here to fill out our application form and then schedule a 15 minute interview.