I see you.

You are tired. 
Tired of the constant go go go. 
Tired of feeling heavy and worn down. 
Tired – maybe even resentful – of all the day to day things you need to do to make life work and yet there is never enough time to focus on you.

You know if you could look in the mirror and feel good about what was shinning back, things would be better. You would be happier and have more energy. If you just had a plan that worked and wasn’t confusing – oh and that both the big kid and the five-year-old would eat so that you didn’t have to make 3 meals every day at 5pm.

You can be perfect all week, then have that one piece of cake or glass of wine and BOOM – 4 pounds on the scale. How is that even possible??? You’ve tried all the diets, they work but they never last or you can’t stick to them. You just want to understand your body and what it needs so that you can stop the constant battle. You want to feel Free.

You think to yourself – If I just had this part under control, I would have so much more time and energy. I have so many ideas, dreams and plans.

But no matter how hard you try, it just keeps going. You get started and take it all on, then life happens and it gets overwhelming or off track and the next thing you know – you are in the drive-thru.

You are overwhelmed.

You just know there has to be an easier way to be living. You don’t want to obsess about this anymore. You just want to feel good, strong, sexy. You don’t want to pass this on to your kids. But you know they are watching you try on 1000 outfits and they see the disappointment in your eyes. You can’t hide it.

You beat yourself up. You dust your self off. Rinse, repeat.

I’m here to tell you, there absolutely is.

The issue isn’t your body. It’s that when you were born, you were given a set of rules and beliefs and you didn’t even know it. You have been trained since the day you were born to act, look and feel in a certain way. And now, after all this time, you finally have had enough. This training was never meant to make you feel free or expansive or light or powerful.

It wasn’t designed for you to have the healthiest body, to have total confidence, to be brave and outspoken.

It was designed to keep you constantly on edge, feeling like you are missing something. Like you aren’t enough. It was geared to make you feel responsible for the feelings and actions of the people around you. It told you it was your job to be a certain way and that this was how you would find love and happiness.

The training only had one goal. To capitalize on your self-doubt and gain a profit.

This work isn’t about following a diet or learning how to crockpot meal plan. It’s about stepping into your own power. It is a revolution against the status quo.

Look around you. How healthy and happy are most of the people you see today? What we have been taught and what we are doing IS NOT working. We are sicker, more depressed, fatter and lonelier than we have ever been. And the system has the solution for it. Buy this, take that, distract yourself with this. And the cycle repeats itself.

The answer isn’t in another program or another diet plan. It is an inside job.

Do you want to live the life of your dreams? Have optimal health? Feel confidence and Sexy AF???

It is possible to eat food you love, feel free and strong in your body, feel confident about what you are choosing to feed yourself and your family. It’s possible to let go of those old patterns and step into a healthy, free, powerful version of yourself.

And I’m going to show you how.

Here’s is how we do it:

  • Weekly one on one calls including an in-depth medical and historical health analysis, review of large and small scale goals. This is where I get to know you and you get to know your body!
  • I’ll be there every step of the way as we plan, set up and execute a metabolic reset to bring your health and body back to its baseline.
  • Weekly emails and workbooks. These lessons are short but powerful that will allow you to have a deep understanding of your own body and mind work on a physical and emotional level. These activities are geared to fit into your busy lifestyle so that you can implement them right away and begin to see a massive shift in your results.
  • A custom journal for food and mood tracking.
  • Wholesale pricing on supplements if needed
  • Meditation instruction tracks
  • Ability to have messenger access in between one on one calls to deal with unexpected changes.
  • Physical movement instructional videos

All of this work culminates over a 3 month period to the Development of a blueprint for your health that includes exercise, diet, nutrition and supplementation as well as daily scheduling and planning. We will work to develop the routines and rituals that will allow you to have optimal health and freedom in your life without the stress and overwhlem you are used to. This program is designed by you and me throughout the work so that it is tested and geared specifically for your exact needs and situation to have the most benefit and impact for you and your family.

My Mission is simple. To have every person in the planet understand that in order to have the life they truly want, the amazing health they deserve and to help move the planet into its next version of peace, love and sustainability, we must do the work and practice operating from a place of deep knowing that we are love. There is no such thing as deserving, there is just love and lack is a lie. We do not require anything outside ourselves – we are already whole. We have just forgotten

I take over 20 years of experience in genetics, patient care, nutrition, fitness and meditation and work to customize a whole life plan that is just for you. In 3 months, we will uncover and recover your best health and your most passionate life so that you can craft the health, career, relationships, family and whatever else of your DREAMS!

My clients leave working with me with a deep understanding of how their own body works and be well on their way to the best physical health of their lives. They gain insight into the blocks and limiting beliefs that have been holding them back, break free and begin to operate from a place of deep knowing. They will experience within themselves a sense of FREEDOM in their relationship with their bodies, their food, their daily lives and most importantly, a connected and loving relationship with themselves.

The Freedom You Crave is Waiting. Claim It!

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